Lifestyle in UAE and Qatar

Global exposure – develop your skills and your career

Hotel industry has showed on of the highest development in the last years bringing in the area the best brands hotels with high worldwide reputation. Many properties are just unforgettable due to amazing service, exciting luxury constructions, pampering SPA treatments and unique atmosphere. And when we say luxury we mean it. Take a moment and search for Bvlgari Resort Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Armani Hotel Dubai, Park Hyatt Dubai, Double 3 Hilton Doha and St Regis Doha.

Finance Haven

The tax free income and the steady growth in GDP of 5% each year makes the area one of the most desirable from financial point of view. In food and beverage industry the average salary has increased to an average of 1000 USD per month, which represent a very good return of work taking in consideration that most of the fixed expenses are free.


The comfortable apartments have typically 2 bedrooms with a living room and 2 persons per room. The employer under the working contract pays all the utilities.


The employer provides the round-trip flight ticket for all the candidates that have received the work contract. Also, most of the companies offer free transportation from the employee apartment to work and back. Ask your employer about this benefit!


In hotel industry all employees receive meals at work. Sounds extremely convenient when you don’t have to worry too much about food diversification and home cooking.

Medical insurance

The insurance it’s paid by the employer, it covers medical expenses, but some providers include limitations and restrictions such as pre-existing medical conditions or set cost limits.


All the candidates should receive an employment visa upon arrival. The consular fees are fully paid by the employer

Exciting nightlife and the best sport events

Dubai and Doha already have the crown of the most developed and safest capitals in the world. The most of the people that are living and working are non-citizens so you will feel enriched by a combination of cultures from across the globe. Not to mention that you will find at your doorsteps the 2020 World Expo Dubai and 2022 World Cup Qatar that will offer endless choices of entertainment.

Charm and opulence is waiting!