You got the call now, focus on 3 areas.

1. Physical preparations for interview

Choose the one that you are the most comfortable with: phone, computer, tablet.

Select the proper location for the interview: secluded room with 0 distractions, no noises, a great lighting and a plain backdrop wall.

Test your technology.
Make sure you understand how the software works, then test the camera, the lighting and the sound.

Perfect outfit
Think of professionally clothes, nothing flashy. Make sure your appearance hair, nails, dress is inspiring simple beauty and trust.

2. Emotional preparations for the interview

You want this JOB, lets make a great first impression!
Research – learn everything you can about the foreign country. Check different cultural norms and highlight what skills you have that would help you adapt to working aboard.

Anticipate the interview questions
Write down common interview questions and prepare for what skills and accomplishments will highly resonate with the interviewer.
(Tell me about yourself, why are you interested in this role/job, why should we hire you etc)

Know your story
Reflect on your career chronology up to date, repeat your unique values, and map your future objectives.
*Unique values: the overall combination of skills, past experience and the power of your strong ambition that helps you to achieve success

3. Interview rehearsal (Practice for success)

The objective of the mock interview is to focus on improvement areas.
Practice your skills by scheduling an identical interview with a friend or a family member.
If possible try to record it then play back for yourself, check for areas of improvement.