The Capital of World Cup, Doha 2022

Great Lifestyle!

Qatar has emerged as one of the richest countries in the world. International Monetary Fund has given Qatar the gold position (2017) after comparing the Gross Domestic Product and other factors for different countries around the globe.

Majority of Gulf countries are offering exceptional lucrative compensation packages for expats: tax free income, free transportation, free accommodation, free medical benefits and free meals at work. What a Great Lifestyle!

The Rich land.

Qatar is rich due to natural resources oil and natural gas, which equal to 13% of the world supply. With a population of only 3 millions residents, the oil revenue helps the flow of billions of dollars enhancing the government to subsidize all the services in the country.

Lowest unemployment in the world

Pumped by a strong economy, Qatar’s unemployment have seen unbelievable numbers in the last years, now averaging the lowest unemployment rate in the world at 0.2%. In comparison Venezuela the jobless number has reach the 44.3%, almost half of the population is looking for a job.

Rising a new industry

With all these amazing perks, Qatar is the first Arab nation that had won the rights to hold the FIFA World Cup. Hotel industry investment is at the all time high rate, luxury hotels are opening every month adding up to 100.000 rooms in the next 2 years. In 2019 alone, top brand hotels have open the doors to customers: Mandarin Oriental, Ezdan Palace Hotel, Alwadi Hotel Doha, Al Najada Hotel by Tivoli, Centara West Bay, Pullman Doha West Bay.

This small country is heaven for job seekers and career-oriented professionals who are looking for fast financial gains and experience building goals. Only in tourism industry over 20 000 employees are need to service all the brand new hotels.

Best career opportunity

While we are talking about gold compensation packages for employees is important to note that preparation for World Cup is in full swing. Construction industry is having positive implications in term of job growth in various sectors: real estate, tourism, intellectual services and raw materials; making Doha a great career move.

Don’t wait!